About Amma Jane’s Cosmic Hearts:

As far back as I can remember I have sensed other people’s needs and feelings with extreme awareness as well as the energy in my environment. I can sense if a loved one who lives at a distance is in distress or if someone whom I don’t know personally within my environment is in need as my senses become heightened. Over the years I have honed my gift as a sensitive empathic healer. I count it as a great blessing. Today I am led to what I deem to be my higher path calling as an intuitive healer, visionary, wild plant and nature vibrational channel. After twenty-one years in the nursing profession I entered the world of alternative healing therapies; these include Reiki and a variety of professional complementary therapy practices. I have been a practicing therapist since 2000. This path led me to host on a psychic TV show offering psychic readings. Today I am guided to work with my gift of energy healing by co-working with crystals, herbal and flower remedies both on tangible and vibrational levels as well as numerology and astrology. In 2018 I became a published author of ‘Amma Jane’s Heaven on Earth Inspirational Messages’, published on 16th February 2018. It contains uplifting co-creative messages shared between me and the natural world. Amma Jane’s Cosmic Hearts is a follow on from the theme of my book in sharing and channelling the beauty and flow of universal energies with you through attuning to aspects of the universe and its natural beauty and healing energy.