What Is Distance Cosmic Reiki Healing?

Our blueprints are aligned with the universe; the planets and the stars.. We can imagine we are pure astral light within and without. We are filled with loving universal life force energy. Distance Cosmic Reiki Healing may help us face our insecurities, weaknesses, shadows and vulnerabilities so we can make way to clearly see our own true light. A clearing process may take place during this healing. Using this healing energy may gently work on releasing what is no longer necessary for you. This vibrational healing assists you on your cosmic path. ‘Cosmos’ in Greek means ‘order’. This healing aids in aligning you to your inner gold with the cosmic heart , namely the universal light source guiding you to your own true empowerment in being who you truly are. You are creation and creation is you. You are and always have been a spark of the Divine.

I always welcome you to share your healing experience with me by email if you feel you would like to? I would be very interested to know.

To arrange an appointment to receive your Reiki distance healing treatment in real time please contact me by email at ammajane@gmail.com

Your healing session includes an instruction on how to receive your Distance Cosmic Reiki Healing treatment. Your treatment will include:

  • a message about what I envisioned
  • your very own personalized astrological reading
  • numerology
  • an animal totem
  • an ethereal plant and ethereal crystal prescription
  • a chakra and aura energy boost

If you are ill or have any medical or psychiatric concern please see your medical physician. Do not confuse Reiki distance attunements or Reiki distance healing with medical or psychiatric advice and treatment. Reiki distance attunements and Reiki distance healing are complementary therapies and work hand in hand with modern medical care. The messages I send are meant for guidance only and not for advice, treatment, diagnosis or direction for any person. Attunements can only to be received by persons over 18 years old. I do not accept responsibility if medical or psychiatric advice is ignored or if you stop taking prescribed medications without a medical practitioner’s or doctor’s consent. I do not accept responsibility for damages or loss from the information within the manuals on this website which may be directly or indirectly misinterpreted, misused or used.